“Antiphon 1” for organ, voices, and ensemble

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INSTRUMENTAL is a contemporary setting of a sacred meditation for pipe organ, cello, viola, clarinet, flute, two vocalists, and electronics.

INSTRUMENTAL was released as a designed music score and toured as a live performance.  The intention behind the score is that the only way to completely experience the music is through a performance of the piece.  The intention of the tour was to exemplify this through live performances which included different venues and different performers with each performance.

The INSTRUMENTAL book was designed in collaboration with graphic designer Kevin MacCaughey.  There are 100 copies of the book and they are available for purchase at live performances of INSTRUMENTAL.

In the fall 2019, INSTRUMENTAL was toured in the US with a series of performances in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, and Cleveland.

In 2020, there was an international tour of INSTRUMENTAL planned in collaboration with dublab which was unfortunately postponed due to travel restrictions.  In lieu of the tour, dublab presented a radio performance of INSTRUMENTAL, which is available here.  Details on the future international tour will be announced when available.

Chicago record label SCRIPTS Records recorded the 2019 Chicago performance of INSTRUMENTAL and released the recording as a designed CD titled INSTRUMENTAL: Chicago Performance, which is available for listening and purchase here.

Since the live performance is an important part of the composition, each performance of the US tour was documented and made available at the links below:

New York, NY
Cleveland, OH
Los Angeles, CA
Miami, FL