Music for No One


Music for No One is an album of music which was released as a book.  The book includes graphic illustrations of the music so one could enjoy the music without listening to it.  The book also includes a QR code to stream the album and notated study scores for more insight into the music. 

Music for No One was composed in 2020/2021, the book was designed in 2021, and the album and book were released in 2022.  Following its release, Music for No One was promoted through a global tour featuring performances in Athens, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Cleveland, and Minneapolis.  The tour was supported by Creatives Rebuild New York which was a grant foundation created to support artists in New York following the pandemic.

The album and book are available here.

A recording of Music for No One: Los Angeles was aired on LA-based dublab radio in 2023.  The performance is an example of the live iterations of Music for No One that were presented on the tour.  The broadcast of Music for No One: Los Angeles is available at dublab radio’s archive here.