Iceberg Tabular 1/10/14



Iceberg Tabular was composed in 2014. The music is a focused exploration of the difference and summation tones that occur as a result of the various microtonal intervals between a unison and a major second.

Each piece is dedicated to a specific performer and written for their primary instrument.

The titles of the pieces are based on the names of icebergs, which are constantly changing as icebergs change and divide. The names are updated by the United States National Ice Center. The titles for the pieces are derived from a list of iceberg names published by the USNIC on January 10th, 2014.

In 2015, NAZDIAK a Cleveland-based record label released Iceberg Tabular 1/10/14 on cassette. Through NAZDIAK, Iceberg Tabular 1/10/14 reached filmmaker Anthony Zakharia. Inspired by the cassette, Zakharia made an experimental film of the same as an accompaniment to the music.

The full Iceberg Tabular 1/10/14 film is available here, and the NAZDIAK cassette is available for listening and purchase here.